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Brand Africa Production produces Multimedia content around Performing and Visual Arts, Tourism, Education and History. Through our creative contents, we tell stories and share treasures from the African Continent and the Diaspora.

Our Multimedia Production solution can be tailored to fit clients and audience needs and are capable of leading Multimedia projects or working as part of a team. We also produce in-house content for consumption on our Social Media outlets and the internet. At Brand Africa Production, our vision is to tell real, authentic and diverse stories with a focus on pan-African that can consumed on all Media outlets.

The conquest of Jamaica is a short animated documentary about the history of the Maroons of Jamaica. The documentary connects the dots between Diaspora Maroons of Jamaica to their African descent from West and Central Africa. The documentary also portraits their bravery and quest of freedom from their Colonizers.

A short Docu Animation on the Conquest of Jamaica

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