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Our mission is to increase awareness about the vast talents, treasures and potential of Africa. We aim to create a tie from Africa to the rest of the world through our Brand Africa Music Label and Publishing, Vacation Ghana Tours and Brand Africa Production (Media and Film).

Brand Africa Group is also a business consulting company that aims to create a synergy among various businesses of the ARTS and draw partnerships with businesses outside of the ARTS. 


Performing and Visual Arts Talent Management

Our Talent Management services provide full-service artist management solutions for a variety of Performing and Visual Arts clients. 

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Music Production and Publishing

Brand Africa Music provides a modern approach to Music Production, Music Publishing and Label Services. We offer expertise across a range of creative services
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Ghana Tourism

Experience Cultural Tourism ( Visual, Performing and Culinary Arts ) and Eco Tourism of Ghana.  Through our regular various themed trips and group tours of Ghana, we expose interested Travelers and  Read more

Business Consulting

Globalization has opened the door for investors to tap new markets and enter the sales market with new business partners.
New potential sales markets are growing rapidly in Africa. Read more

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We work with both Pro & Underground Artists

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